Walled Gardens & Hidden Paths

Chapter 10: Pub Night

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

At Garrick’s Head Pub, the Motley met a bunch of the Spring Court as well as some hangers on before Amanda swore into the Spring Court.

After, they went and destroyed a boat and then swore the Motley oath in Hammer’s Hollow – soon to be their Hollow.


Swearing the Motley oath is a big step in our group finally becoming a group. not just people that have the same circumstances. i hope that this also helps us trust each other more, and make it so we can rely on each other in a pinch. We need to be a team, otherwise I’m afraid that we’ll get swept away in either the changeling world or get sucked back in the the hedge. I guess time will tell.

Chapter 10: Pub Night

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