Walled Gardens & Hidden Paths

Chapter 11: Trinkets

Sunday, October 4th, 2020

The Autumn Court census came for the Motley in the form of Zhi, who first visited Mara and Amanda (who had been staying occasionally at Mara’s place), and then sought out Concord and Hammer. Concord wasn’t happy to be found at their place of employment and put a bit of fear in Zhi, but Hammer took the opportunity to ask some awkward questions and learn about the Autumn Court.

Mara decided she wanted to retrieve her engagement ring from the Hedge, and asked Amanda along. The two sought out aid from the Cartographer – a Hob that looked like a crow with protractor needles for legs, well-known to the freehold – paying the creature to help them find where Mara had originally traded away the ring. Unfortunately, the ring wasn’t in the possession of the Hobgoblin she’d traded it to – it’d been taken by someone called “Count Glimmergleam”. Mara and Amanda sought him down in his mines, but he wasn’t prepared to part with the ring(which had metamorphized into a glittering tiara) without a fight – or payment.

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Hammer was investigating what little he remembered of his old life, and eventually came across Flowers by Nathan. He spied on the employees before finally approaching the owner, who seemed very strangely familiar. He tried to get a message to the owner’s grandfather, trying to get in on the family business. The owner – Nathan – seemed very weirded out – but the next day Hammer did indeed get a call from the jeweller who told him to come by the shop on Friday.

At around the same time, Concord was trying to help by trying to track down jewelers – but ended up in a sketchy pawn shop, only to be spotted by Ivy who seemed very wary that Concord was returning to their own ways by frequenting such a place. concord ended up spinning some explanations, and eventually they arranged to do dinner at Ivy’s place on Wednesday.

Amanda, for her part, was trying to find

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

During the census, Zhi had checked in with Mara to see if she had access to a boat – and Mara figured there must be a reason. Mara, Amanda, and Hammer headed to St Anne’s to speak with Donna and she what she wanted with a boat, while Concord waited outside. Mara originally proposed she could do something in return for something she could trade to Count Glimmergleam. Donna instead suggested the Motley could do something to prove their worth to her – and thus gain opportunity to swear to the Freehold – and then she could give Mara something to trade away.

They reached an agreement, and Donna said she’d asked about the boat because there was a whole in the Autumn census – there had been some reports of strange goings-on on Valdes island, pulled off something called “reddit”. Could be haunted, could be a changeling, could be something completely different. But either way, it’d be something to investigate and show they could gather information and solve problems independently, something the Autumn Queen valued.



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