Walled Gardens & Hidden Paths

Chapter 13: Out of the Closet

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Upon return to Victoria, Amanda met up with her young friend Samantha for coffee and to talk about apartment hunting. Samantha asked about Amanda’s other fairy friends, and asked to be introduced to them – Amanda seemed hesitant, and when she got Samantha to promise not to look into fairy stuff independently, she sealed the promise.

Hammer returned to his workshop in the Hedge – after taking some time to distribute a bounty of goblin fruit to his friends. He started working on a watch to show as part of his portfolio to his grandfather when they met on Friday.

Mara met up with her friend and co-worker (and the woman who slept with her fiancee), Madeline. They talked a fair bit about work – including Maddie bringing up the destroyed boat – but really Mara was trying to put Madeline at ease, since Madeline still seemed pretty awkward about the whole having slept with Eric thing…

Concord, for their part, had dinner plans with Ivy. They spent some of their hard-earned cash on some hostess gifts and showed up at Ivy’s place. Ivy was busy getting supper ready, leaving Concord to examine Ivy’s place. Concord definitely felt the place seemed familiar – especially the aquarium, with brightly coloured fish and silky black ferns that had little eyes on them, which Ivy later confirmed Concord had given to her. Concord messaged a picture of it to Mara, who said it was the plant she was studying at work – though she didn’t remember it having eyes. Concord also realized where they recognized Rowan from, even before Rowan emerged for food…

Food was ready shortly enough, and they all sat down to dinner – Concord using the whole exchange as a chance to try and gather information about Ivy and Rowan’s lives. After supper, once Rowan had slunk back to their room, Concord continued to try and gather information – asking Ivy about what happened “before”, and getting Ivy’s version of the story.

Concord realized that Ivy didn’t entirely believe in the supernatural, only that something “unexplainable” had happened. Concord took Ivy into her room and dropped the mask to let Ivy see their true form – and opened up a dormant door to the Hedge in the hallway, which led into a dark cobblestone ally with a moonless sky overhead.

Suffice it to say, this worried Concord and soon they were redirecting the doorway towards the Motley’s hollow and getting Hammer to come out and look at the problem. Concord also contacted Amanda and Mara, and soon the whole crew was on site ripping apart Ivy’s hallway closet, bustling her off to a hotel, and packing up the aquarium.

Soon enough the aquarium was safely in Professor Deem’s lab, with Hammer watching it and making notes while Mara, Amanda, and Concord borrowed Eric’s boat and looked for live samples of the plant Mara had been studying. Soon enough the found some of them clinging to the rocks near the shore…whole lines of little eyes opening up and looking at them…



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