Walled Gardens & Hidden Paths

Chapter 14: A look in the mirror

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

The Motley showed up at Donna’s office to fill her in on the presence of the weird plants in the area – and, of course, she tasked them with investigating further. She also received their report on what they found on Valdes Island – missing a few details, and mostly overshadowed by the news about the plants. She told the changelings they’d soon receive an invitation to be inducted into the Freehold, and also told Mara where she could find and item that might please Count Glimmergleam.

They went off to retrieve the present for Count Glimmergleam, finding it as promised at the bottom of an old mineshaft in a park near Victoria. Inside the leaden box was an antique handmirror. There was something supernatural about it too.

Mirror retrieved, some of the Motley went off to their own business (Hammer had a ring to keep working on, and Amanda headed over to Fluffy Paws ), as some of the others stopped by the university to show the strange plant to Donna.

Mara then wanted to head back towards the Northern Junk Warehouse to enter the Hedge from there and head out to find Count Glimmergleam. But on the drive there, she started acting…strangely. She almost blew up at the sound of Concord typing on their phone – and then Concord’s phone lit on fire. By the time they arrived at the warehouse, Mara was in a rage and Concord and Heather were not too sure she should go on ahead – but Mara was not about to be stopped, opening up a portal to the Motley’s Hollow. As she headed into the Hedge, Concord followed invisibly and Heather lingered behind, texting Amanda for help.

Mara and Concord soon saw they had a third companion when they entered the hedge – a vaguely translucent teenage girl, who didn’t even seem to immediately realize Mara was speaking to her when she addressed her. Mara cared little though, charging recklessly forward through the Hedge with Concord invisibly following behind.

Amanda stole some drugs from her work – including some tranquillisers – and made it to the warehouse, marshalling Heather and Hammer to come with her to head into the Hedge after Mara. They intercepted her at the entrance to Count Glimmergleam’s mines, trying to talk Mara down but Mara was not in a being talked down mood. Amanda lept forward and shot the strange girl following Mara full of tranquillisers, but it didn’t immediately do anything and Mara charged off into the mines.

Hammer tried to run after, but tripped and fell into an open pit. One of the hobgoblin overseers came to investigate the commotion, but before he could do anything with him Hammer shot him twice. Heather and Concord found Hammer and pulled him out of the pit.

Mara found Count Glimmergleam and made her trade with him – exchanging the mirror, which the strange girl followed, for the Count’s tiara, which shrunk down to a ring when handed to Mara. Amanda caught up with Mara, who suddenly seemed significantly less angry. Amanda and Mara slipped out just as a wounded hobgoblin came stumbling into Glimmergleam’s chamber.

Not long after the alarm was raised and the Count’s men started pursuing the Motley, who managed to lose their pursuers in the Hedge – but not before one of the traps Hammer laid in his footsteps managed to catch Concord in it’s wake, badly injuring his Motleymate. Soon though, the entire crew was back in their Hollow and safe…



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